The Beacon System

As your advisor, I build a long-term relationship with you. It’s not exaggerating to say I become a part of your team.

My Beacon System, consulting methodology, and weekly review process create the space to evaluate progress and clarify your vision. The result: renewed commitment and focused action on high-power growth goals for your life and business.

You’ll see improvement in your day-to-day effectiveness because I will act as your personal trainer for productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. You’ll gain a new perspective on your business and see new possibilities. All this support will help you win in business easier, faster, and more often. Our work will help you become the highest functioning, and most productive version of yourself possible.

What this work asks of you is pretty simple: time, money, and effort.

Initial questionnaires, interviews, and the report of findings process will typically take 45 minutes to 1 hour for the first month.

Our regular weekly meetings will average 20-25 minutes.

And finally, there’s the time you invest in completing the actions in your customized plan each week. This will vary between 2–8 hours depending on your current business journey. Most clients spend around 4 hours.

Your program is tailored for you so you get a new perspective on your business and see new possibilities. That said, different plans work for different budgets. Let’s chat to see which serves you best.

The only effort expected of you is the effort you yourself will identify as what you want and need. And that effort will be directly proportional to the size of the goals you want to achieve. Your commitment to stepping into powerful action is what will build momentum week after week.

I ask that you bring your commitment to yourself and your goals, and honesty about where you are and what you are engaged in.

I also ask for your transparency in communication, especially when you’re feeling challenged or stuck. Show up with an open mind and the willingness to have fun while learning!

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