“As a visionary entrepreneur-type, I know how to dream big, and I know where I want to go. I even have the fuel to get me there. What I don’t always have – what many visionary entrepreneurs don’t have – is the plane: the means to sensibly and productively get myself from Point A to Point B. Dianne Baynes builds amazing planes.

I hired Dianne as my business strategist because she is brilliant at hearing and clarifying entrepreneurial/corporate vision and then creating the business systems, processes, and work flows that anchor that vision to profitable reality. She makes my business real, she frees me up to do the stuff I do best, and she makes my world sane. And she helps me make a lot more money while she does so.

If you have a chance to work with Dianne, grab it.” – Maggie McReynolds

“Dianne’s coaching is on target, no matter what the topic whether it’s structure, organization, sales strategy, or the direction of my business. She’s helped me get focused in my daily tasks so there is less clutter in my day and my mind.

She’s helped identify systems that generate the greatest impact so that my goals are met. And she continues to support my on-going efforts with encouragement, affirmations, and resources that I can plug into as needed.

She is a thoughtful, straight shooter who doesn’t mince words. She gets right to the heart of the matter and supports her suggestions and coaching with my goals from our current or previous conversations. She actively listens and asks clarifying questions regarding the topic at hand.

I highly recommend Dianne for business coaching. Her integration mindset has proven to me, time and again, that having her in my life as wise counsel is a valuable commodity to move my business forward efficiently and effectively.” – Becci McCormack

“Dianne is a great resource! She has a great mind for creating structure, and systems and can think outside the box. I recently worked with Dianne, and she has helped me flush out areas of my practice and coaching business where I needed systems and accountability. I am grateful that I connected with Dianne!” – Michelle Wendling

“Dianne Baynes knows her stuff! I am a small business owner and entrepreneur with little background in business. I want my business to grow and flourish. In my first hour session with Dianne I had a giant list of great ideas, along with a set of action steps and dates to complete the list. Working with her sparked my motivation and inspired me that I could really make my business flourish in a short period.” – Thomas Suski

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