You want more! Sure, you’ve been doing fine (or fine-ish) on your own, but you know it can be easier, better, more fun, and more rewarding.

If you believe life is an adventure, this program is for you. Let’s build your adventure to suit your needs. This is where you’ll get all the support you’ve been wishing for.

Starting with your in-depth evaluation and personalized action plan, you’ll build a powerful month of momentum that will set the tone and the standard for your business going forward. Together, we’ll co-create a plan for the most amazing year of your life. Each month, you’ll have all the support you need with the Beacon System’s built-in accountability driving your personally defined metrics – and you’ll learn the tools and tech to accelerate achievement and meet your goals. You’ll experience consistent success, all with customized coaching during our Weekly Ritual. You’ll never have to go it alone again.

12-Months of Consulting with the Beacon System:

This customizable program meets you and your most urgent business and personal needs exactly where you are. Step by manageable step, you’ll see your business from a fresh perspective – one rich with new opportunities and possibilities.

We start with a detailed intake process in our first month together that includes initial questionnaires and an in-depth interview, followed by our report of findings along with a proposed action plan. So we can cover a lot of ground and make strides quickly, our Weekly Ritual sessions will run 45 minutes during our first month.

The Beacon System helps do-it-all business owners get a high-level, 360-degree perspective on where they are in their business journey. Just as a beacon guides a boat through rough waters, the Beacon System will help you navigate the turbulence of everyday small business life, leading you to safe harbor and home. You’ll learn to run your business with agility and meet every one of your short-, medium-, and long-term goals. You get:

  • Weekly Ritual: one-on-one sessions, 20-minutes.
  • Full support and access to the Beacon Portal software that manages, streamlines, and enhances our relationship and accelerates your progress.
  • Customized metrics that will measure what matters to improve personal day-to-day effectiveness.
  • Accountability supported with both human and technological interfacing.

What’s the cost?

Bonus Savings: With the Adventure membership, the $40 monthly installment fees are waived.

So, your card will be automatically billed for $499 today and then each of the remaining 11 months.

Total charges: $5988 for 12 months of coaching

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